Local 1549 Leaders Testify Before NYC City Council re City’s 911 System

20140530_134735 - Copy
Testifying in front of NYC City Council, from L-R: PCT/SPCT Chapter Chair John Armstrong, DC37 Assoc. Dir. Henry Garrido, L.1549 Exec. V.P. Alma G. Roper, Chapter 2nd Vice Chair Jim Hamlin-McLeod and Chapter 1st Vice Chair Tracy Whitehead

On Friday, May 30, 2014, Local 1549 Exec. V.P. Alma G. Roper, Police Communications Technician/Supervising PCT Chapter Chair John Armstrong and Chapter Officers Tracy Whitehead and Jim Hamlin-McLeod joined DC37 Assoc. Dir. Henry Garrido in testifying before a NYC City Council Oversight Committee meeting regarding issues surrounding NYC’s 911 system.  The union spoke on numerous issues, including: extreme deficiencies in the system, the waste of taxpayers’ money and the lack of adequate staffing.


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