Phone Numbers

Local 1549 Business Office 212 815-1549

District Council 37 Phone Numbers:

Annuity Fund (DC37)  212-815-1888
Audiology (DC37)  212-385-6880
Bookstore (DC37)  212-815-1657
Clerical Division 212-815-1020
College of New Rochelle (DC37) 212-815-1710
College Tuition Reimbursement (DC37) 212-815-1664
Death Benefits (DC37) 212-815-1373/4
Dental (DC37)  212-815-1600
Disability (DC37)  212-815-1234
Education Fund (DC37)  212-815-1700
Health & Pension Services Unit (DC37) 212-815-1200
Health & Security (forms only) 212-815-1531
Health & Security Plan Information Center (DC37) 212-815-1234
Library (DC37)  212-815-1699
Membership Records (membership status/lost membership card) 212-815-1570
Municipal Employees Legal Services (DC37 MELS) 212-815-1800
Optical (DC37)  212-815-1614
PEOPLE (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality) 212-815-1578
Personal Services Unit (DC37 PSU)  212-815-1250
Political Action & Legislation Dept. (DC37) 212-815-1550
Retirees Association (DC37)  212-815-1781

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  1. My doctor has put me out for a few weeks (more then four) can I apply for short term disability ? if so, how and/or where can I start this process.

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