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2024 Local 1549 Membership Dues

Local 1549
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TO:                Local 1549 Members

FROM:         James Howell, Administrator, Local 1549

DATE:           December 1, 2023

RE:               2024 Local 1549 Membership Dues


AFSCME International determines the dues rate each year based on the average wage increase received by AFSCME members over the 12-month period ending July 31, 2023. Information on wage increases was collected from 88.08 % of AFSCME’s membership. That average increase was 5.4164%. Article IX, Section 7 of the International Union’s Constitution also requires this calculation to be audited and certified by an independent certified public accountant who is not otherwise connected with AFSCME. The audit has been completed and confirms the above percentages. The use of increases in pay, which per the AFSCME Constitution includes wage increases and bonuses, to calculate the minimum dues and per capita tax rates has been in place since 1979, after the delegates to the 1978 AFSCME Convention voted to adopt this process. The minimum dues and per capita rates are higher this year because on average, AFSCME affiliates received strong increases in pay. In very large part, this was facilitated by AFSCME leading the fight before Congress for the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) which resulted in significant financial resources moving to public employers. These resources helped avoid catastrophic cuts in services, massive layoffs and permanent loss of employment.

Dues and per capita go towards providing adequate resources to fight for fair contracts and having a strong voice on the job, to organizing new members locally and around the country, and to making sure our voice is heard in city councils, state legislatures and Congress. Dues support fight-back efforts against unsafe working conditions, privatizations, layoffs and much more.

As you recall, in 2023 Local 1549 received a waiver to absorb the full dues increase and dues remained the same. For 2024, the minimum dues increase is $2.20 per member per month.

After careful consideration, Local 1549 applied for and received a partial waiver to "partially” absorb .45 cents of this dues increase.  This waiver was approved by the International Executive Board. What this means is that Local 1549 members will have a “Partial” dues increase as of Jan 1, 2024 of $1.75 per month.   

The new dues rate for Local 1549 full time members beginning January 1st, 2024, will be $79.73 per month paid through bi-weekly payroll deductions.

Part-Time Employee Minimum Dues Rates

For members with regular work schedules of twenty or fewer but more than twelve hours per week, the 2024 Part-time minimum dues increase is $1.30 per month.